Treatment Options

Adult Reiki Sessions:
– First Session: 75 minute ($100)
– Subsequent Sessions: 60 minute ($85) or 90 minute ($115) sessions

Child Reiki Sessions: 30 minute ($45) sessions

Reiki is a unique experience.  It can be experienced differently between individuals; and each experience can vary session to session for each individual, based on what is needed by that person at that time.

Reiki is a non-invasive energy healing technique originating in Japan.  As humans of the 21st Century, most of us live in a “flight vs flight” state of alert, anxiety or stress.  Reiki is said to move the body into a “rest and digest” state where self-healing takes place.  Reiki is effective on people of all ages.  It can be used in conjunction with “Western Medicine” treatments and medications.  I have used Reiki to help people with conditions including anxiety, stress, emotional trauma, phobias, depression, pre- and post- operative balancing and recovery, pre- and post- natal balancing and recovery, chemotherapy treatment, and Attention Deficit Disorder.

Buy sessions in larger quantities and get a discounted session price.
Treat yourself and benefit both physically and financially!

• Six 60-minute Reiki Sessions for $450 (Regularly priced $510).

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