About Grace Moore

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I am a Reiki Master and an Artist.  I have lived in Reno for 20 years.  I have ancestral roots in Texas. I grew up in Washington DC.  Before settling in Reno, I lived in many locations around the world, including Europe and Hawaii.  I am a graduate of Emory University, with a double major in Art History and Psychology.

My first career was as a Graphic Designer and Art Director for a DC consulting firm.  My second career (which still continues) has been as a mom.  Now my third career is in Reiki.  I came to Reiki by way of my own physical crisis from severe shoulder pain.  Reiki brought physical relief and healing to my body.  It brought relaxation and balance to my life.  What I was not expecting was the impact Reiki would have on my emotional and spiritual well being.  Reiki opened up aspects of my life that had been closed for decades.  Despite my career as a Graphic Designer and life-long learning in all forms of artistic expression (writing, ceramics, and photography most notably), none of my art had ever been a reflection of my own heart.  Very soon after starting Reiki, I found myself drawn to watercolor and other forms of expression that I had never used before. I was telling stories about myself that desperately needed to be told.  It healed me in ways that defy description.

I have studied with Reiki Master Kim Roubo for ten years and have been working professionally as a Reiki practitioner for the past four.  When I began my Reiki journey, I never expected to become a practitioner.  Learning Reiki was for my own self-healing journey.  But as my training progressed, I was overwhelmed by my love of giving Reiki treatments to others.  I quickly knew this was what I was meant to do.  HeART Path Reiki brings together my interest and study in psychology, creativity and spirituality (reflection on life and meaning).

I offer individual Reiki sessions for adults and children.  I offer classes on how to utilize Reiki (levels 1 and 2), writing, and artistic creative expression as tools for self-healing and self-discovery.  I hope you will join me on this HeART Path Journey.

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