For anxiety and post surgical healing…

I began reiki during a psychologically challenging time in my life, and was hoping to find ways to stay grounded when my anxiety peaked. After several sessions of balancing and grounding my energy, and “uncording” energetic ties with troublesome people from my past, Grace did subconscious work with me to unearth wounded areas of my psyche that were buried and stuck. Reiki provided an efficient way to reach those areas, with guidance from a professional who offered support and insight.

Recently, I had major surgery. Grace balanced my energy and kept it flowing almost daily for two weeks following my surgery. When I went for my 2-week and 6-week post-op visits, the surgeon said I was healing remarkably well and was pleased with how quickly and easily I was reaching post-op milestones.

Reiki has been a powerful healing tool in my life, both psychologically and physically.


For balance and recharge…

When I am feeling stressed, off base or cranky, I turn to Heart Path Reiki. When I am sick and want a little boost, I turn to Heart Path Reiki. When I just want to keep the good feeling good, I turn to Heart Path Reiki. I trust Grace Moore’s talent and skills to slow the world down enough during a session for me to regroup, rebalance and recharge. This is one powerful way for me to take good care of my heart, soul, and body.
– One Happy Camper

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